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Hunan Blue Sky Robot Technology Co., Ltd.

  With more than 10 years of experience, Bluesky Robot is trusted by billions of people around China and backed by the largest network services in the industry. And in 2016, we got a top high sale ab..

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Hunan Blue Sky Robot Technology Co., Ltd.

Development History

  • 2015

    Acquired Bosheng Mechanical Design

  • 2014

    Built Bluesky Technology Center with 33000 square meters floor

  • 2013

    Set a company of Hunan bluesky environment

  • 2012

    Successfully developed 11 axial robot working station

  • 2010

    Entering Robot Integration business, developing duo-robot welding and cutting system

  • 2008

    Acquired Korean owned company-Tianyou Precision Tooling in Hunan

  • 2007

    Manufacturing base set up in Hunan Changde, and the same year set up Bluesky Environment


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