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Bluesky Robot in Beijing Essen Exhibition 2014


  In June 10, 2014, one of the world's two major welding exhibitions, the international professional welding event, the annual event of China welding industry -- the nineteenth Beijing Essen welding and cutting exhibition was grandly opened in the new China International Exhibition Center, Beijing. Attracted more than 900 exhibitors from nearly thirty countries and regions gathered during the exhibition for a period of 3 days, all kinds of welding related exhibition of new products and new technology. 

  Hunan Lantian Welding Technology Co. Ltd. as of 2010 to enter the field of integrated robot system using its own in welding and cutting the bright younger generation, expertise and experience, in cooperation with FANUC, ABB and KUKA and other world famous manufacturers of robots, robot system provides full function for the user, such as the exhibition of the blue robot workstation and Super-MIG plasma composite welding system, robot positioner, mobile unit, grinding cutting table dust purifier etc.. Through the exhibition, with a number of units to achieve the intention of cooperation, technical exchanges, greatly improving the visibility of the blue sky welding industry.

  Although the show has ended, but let people feel good, look forward to next year's trip to Shanghai, the sky will give you presents welding more surprises. 2015 Shanghai Essen exhibition!



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